Derek Ma: Interior Designer


Derek is our resident interior designer. A recent graduate of Pratt Institute’s Interior Design program, his experience in design and visual aesthetics provides a thoughtful and engaging perspective for our company. Derek is deeply passionate about office and exhibition design, and is interested in presenting exciting and fresh design solutions. He strongly believes that a successful design should deliver aesthetic and practical qualities. Derek is an expert in CAD and all of the latest design software. Derek works closely with the sales team in providing furniture plan drawings, creating 3D models, producing visual renderings, and measuring job sites.

Derek is professionally driven, and believes in recognizing and seizing opportunities. Derek was born in Shijiazhuang, China and he moved with his family to Santiago, Chile at age 12. Before moving to New York City, to complete his undergraduate degree at Pratt, he attended Middle School and High School at the International School Nido de Aguilas in Santiago de Chile. His transnational background granted him diverse experiences, enriched his horizons and gave him a deep understanding of a wide spectrum of design perspectives.

In his leisure time, Derek enjoys mountain climbing, night strolls with friends, and listening to classical music and jazz.

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