Matt Dean: Sales Executive


As a Sales Executive and previous Vice President of Sales within the contract furniture industry for 10+ years, Matt has been able to work with some of the most prominent companies within the marketplace today. His passion for helping others and his diligence to provide the best level of customer service has distinguished him from the pack in exceeding client expectations.

Matt brings a wealth of experience in contract furniture and sales. Attuned to the uniqueness of each project, Matt utilizes his wide range of skills and abilities when it comes to servicing clients and ensuring projects are completed as smoothly as possible. Prior to OFH, Matt started off at the ground level of an ergonomics manufacturer, packaging his own sales orders to be shipped to clients. Since then, he has grown to represent multimillion dollar clients, and expanded into global contracts as his client’s needs for unified interior workspaces increased.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys playing golf. He had been the captain of his golf team growing up and enjoys playing the game of golf to this day. He is also an avid cook and baker, and is currently working on creating the “perfect Italian cookie.”

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