Office Design Inspiration: James Turrell and Robert Irwin in NYC, Summer 2013

James Turrell's Aten Reign, The Guggenheim

Two of New York’s most iconic modern art museums, The Guggenheim and The Whitney, are featuring large scale, minimalist pieces, which represent the massive possibilities of simple, pared down design. James Turrell’s Aten Reign, a light and color installation which takes up the entire famed rotunda at The Guggenheim, is composed of a very simple series of descending ovals, creating a target-like structure, which slowly change color as you look up at them. The effect is extremely immersive, and inspiring.

Robert Irwin's Scrim Veil - Black Rectangle - Natural Light, The Whitney

At The Whitney, Robert Irwin’s Scrim Veil – Black Rectangle – Natural Light, which was exclusively designed for, and displayed on the museum’s fourth floor, is back for the first time since 1977, when it was first created. Irwin’s Scrim very simply cuts the room in half, using a translucent veil which is hung perpendicular to a window in the far side of the room. The veil diffuses the natural light coming in from the window, while the scrim disrupts the space in a way that is both challenging and embracing.

Both of these exhibits are inspiring, and we recommend paying a visit to each of them. Sometimes a simple shift in color, lighting, or just a line can be all the inspiration you need for new ideas on how to design your office. At 3D Office Furniture + Design, we love how something so minimal can transform a space, and open up new possibilities.

James Turrell’s Aten Reign is on display at The Guggenheim until September 25, and Robert Irwin’s Scrim Viel – Black Rectangle – Natural Light is on display at The Whitney until September 1.

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