Introducing: The Marco Series

The Marco Series in front of Alexander Calder’s “Saurin” at 59th St. & Madison Ave., NYC

Beautiful office furniture and enduring value are paramount principles at 3D Office Furniture + Deisign, which not only inspire the way we do business, but guide the aesthetic quality of the products we offer.  The Marco Series embodies these principles perfectly.

The Marco Series is unique, with a thin profile, and a clean, simple mechanism, the Marco’s straight back belies it’s plush sitting experience.  Its unique ergonomic technology allows for comfort and fluid adjustability.  The simple European SUSPA mechanism, designed to give the chair its flexibility, allows for multi-position locking back angle adjustment without the typical bulky mechanism under the seat. The simple and elegant tabs on the sides of the seat can be used to adjust the seat height and back angle.

The Marco Series: Fixed Aluminum Arm and Profile

The Marco Series is designed with acute attention to detail, featuring an expertly crafted aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable.  Marco’s leather upholstery exudes a sense of luxury, style and craftsmanship.  The ergonomic Marco Series chairs are available with either fixed aluminum armrests, or adjustable armrests.  Additionally, the Marco Lowback Chair features a durable, breathable mesh back, ideal for long hours of sitting.

The Marco Lowback Chair in Mesh is great for any office or conference room, as is the Marco Midback Chair in leather.  The Marco Highback Chaircompletes the executive office.  The Marco II Chair is the ultimate executive chair, whose double cushion upholstery offers added comfort while still maintaining a sleek profile.

The Marco Midback

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