3D ErgoLab is Open for Business - Office Furniture in NYC is Forever Altered

The 3D Office Furniture + Design ErgoLab is up and running and open for business!

The ErgoLab is a specially curated showroom that brings together the best office seating and ergonomic accessories in one beautiful space. We’ve combed through the offerings of the best manufacturers from around the world and brought their most innovative products to the ErgoLab — a setting designed to approximate your office environment. You’ll love hanging out in the ErgoLab and you’ll have fun exploring the options.

Stop by to test run great-looking and groundbreaking products that are guaranteed to improve your work environment. We want you to feel at ease so that you can make the right decision on the products that work best for you.

In addition to a wide selection of seating, you will find workstations, keyboard systems, monitor arms, lighting, air purifiers and other accessories. Our staff is fully versed on the features of these products and will answer any and all questions regarding their functionality and design.

We also have an Ergonomist on hand to help you create the most healthy and comfortable office. The Ergonomist, Dr. Glenn Goldfinger, is a physical therapist with expertise in ergonomics. He will evaluate your individual physiological needs and will listen to your concerns about your current office setup. Dr. Goldfinger will then recommend products to prevent and/or alleviate common pains that come from sitting at your desk much of the day. The result will be an office tailored to your work habits and body type.

The ErgoLab is taking a more holistic approach to office furniture in NYC. Stop by and see how a more ergonomic office can make you more effective, healthy, and productive.

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