Top 10 Alternate Uses for 3D’s New Business Card

3D recently mailed out our formal business announcement and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Many fans, friends and long-time clients of Marc’s have commented on the great design and the heft of the card stock. We’ve also received a lot of suggestions for alternative uses for the cards. Here is a list of our top 10 favorites.

10. Mouse Guillotine. Of significant weight if you are a small animal.

9. Sushi Plate. Perfect for a couple of pieces.

8. Replacement Kitchen Tile. Great to have as back up when that unexpected crack appears.

7. Hand-Operated Fan. Considering it’s 61 degrees in February, useful the whole year through.

6. Frisbee. Not the right shape, but it’ll fly.

5. Spinning Ninja Weapon. This card has some sharp edges — beware!

4. Mousepad. For very small tasks.

3. Table Shim. Hefty but malleable, the card can easily be slipped under the leg of those annoying wobbly tables — obviously not from 3D.

2. Ice Scraper. It won’t fit in your wallet, so leave it in your car.

1. Coaster. Just right for a beer or Martini.

Did you get your card? 

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