It goes without saying that 2020 will be a year that will go down in history. In 2020, our expertise in crafting creative solutions for our clients was put to the test. First, the shift from the office to work at home environments. Second, maintaining our brand standard throughout and providing our clients with the outstanding expertise that makes us stand out as a company. This year, we furnished many high-profile projects, most notably offices for Metropolitan Commercial Bank, L’Occitane En Provence, Lady M and GoGuardian. Finally, we now offer a competitive Work From Home solution for our clients now working within the home office environment.

Our New Homepage

In 2020, our team went the extra mile to create a refreshing new look for our homepage. We worked a talented product designer and strategist, to redesign a homepage that more effectively aligns with our mission. As an office furniture and design company that works directly with companies with fewer than 150 employees and carries strong relationships within the Commercial Real Estate and Interior Design communities, it was important for us to demonstrate those relationships on our homepage. We could not be happier with the final result of our collaborative effort.

OFH Projects

When New York City shut down in March, it sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Projects that were in-progress were immediately put on hold pending further news. We are proud to say, during those dark weeks, we were able to main a high level of communication and transparency with our clients. We ensured their furniture was properly stored and worked with them to create adjusted timelines that matched the present situation. Navigating the safety of our team members, installers and manufacturing partners, in addition to safeguarding the safety of our clients was of paramount importance. By the end of the year, we furnished some of our most beautiful offices to date using methods that were safe and considerate of our client’s expectations. We have a lot to be proud of.

View 2020 Projects: Metropolitan Commercial Bank, L’Occitane En Provence, Finance Project Madison Avenue, Henry Street Settlement, GoGuardian, Center for Employment Opportunities and Lady M.

OFH Work From Home

As we enter into the “new normal,” OFH crafted a highly competitive solution that satisfies the needs of our expanding home office workforce. Offering high quality products that hold up strong beside major e-commerce retailers, our Work from Home collection is the one-stop shop for our client’s home office needs. We offer chairs, stationery and height adjustable desks, office accessories, storage that ships directly to your door.

Our Team

Our success in 2020 cannot be more represented than by our amazing team. In March when our team readjusted to remote working, team members worked together passionately to ensure a seamless transition, offering each other support on daily teambuilding zoom calls. We’d like to give special thanks to our leadership team, strengthened by our Director of Operations, as well as our improved customer services and support systems. Without every member of the OFH Team, we would not have been able to serve our clients effectively and end the year on such a positive note.


OFH is proud to be a NYC company that is committed to providing beautiful office furniture solutions throughout the country. We made it through 2020, and we’re looking forward to what 2021 has to offer. We are excited to begin the new year committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of our valued customers and our team, while continuing to offer beautiful office furniture solutions that enable companies to thrive.

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