2022 is Around the Corner – Begin Planning Your Next Office Now

In 2021, with news of product shortages and global disruptions in supply chains, if planning your next move wasn’t already challenging—things have become even  more complicated. With the prices of raw materials rising and logistical issues extending lead times for weeks (sometimes, months!), that means if your team is planning for a 2022 move, you have to start planning now to meet your deadline.

The Sooner You Order, the Prices Will be Lower

The effects of Covid-19 have put a massive strain on global supply chains, creating bottlenecks for raw materials that are not showing signs of backing down. Prices of raw materials including copper, aluminum, lumber, and steel are rising. This inevitably affects the price of furniture and electronics, as manufacturers raise their prices to match their rising costs. The sooner your team places your furniture order will ensure that you will not be hit by the increasing prices and shortages that are bound to increase during the holiday season.

Expect Longer Lead Times and Order Early

Industries worldwide are experiencing widespread logistical issues. The lead times for many furniture products have been extended by weeks, and sometimes months! If your team is planning for a move in the near future, the best way to ensure fewer disruptions is to place your furniture order early. Our team of office furniture experts are happy to work with you to select pieces that best fit your requirements.

Create an Adjusted Timeline for 2022

We created a timeline of Ten Tips for a Small Office Move in New York City to use as a blueprint to plan your office move. Critical early-stage tips, including retaining a trusted advisor and creating a budget, are instrumental to ensure a high level of organization early in the process. Given some of the recent supply chain shortages, we advise adding 5 additional weeks to your timeline. We would also advise evaluating new technology and systems early in the process as well, due to shortages and price increases currently impacting the technology industry.

Consult the OFH Team for Expert Help Planning Your Next Office

At OFH, our team offers expert office furniture assistance to companies every day. Whether you are a planning to reconfigure your office post-covid, are looking for office design inspiration (i.e. explore completed projects, or the hybrid office), our team is there for you to offer assistance and guidance throughout your entire process.  We can also direct you towards navigating our quick delivery lines to ensure that your team moves in their new office without any delays.

Schedule an appointment with the OFH team here.

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