4 Reasons Why We Love Height Adjustable Tables

Peter Arkle via The New York Times

The average American leads a predominantly sedentary life. Most of our time is spent sitting in an office chair, sleeping, or reclining on the couch. But many studies show that all of this sitting can be harmful to your health and productivity. Standing and height adjustable desks have been gaining popularity in home and professional workplaces all over the world. Standing desks and height adjustable workstations were featured prominently at this year’s NeoCon and in articles from the New York Times, Fast Company, and The New Yorker. Here are some of our favorite reasons to stand up while you work!

Better Posture

Standing naturally improves your posture and strengthens your spine. It’s a lot harder to slouch and hunch over your computer when standing up. This means fewer backaches and pains.

The HiLo and Pronto Height Adjustable Tables

Increased Energy and Focus

With better posture comes better breathing. Standing help increase blood flow and even helps tone muscle. This helps you stay alert and increases your energy while working. You’ll be more focused and in turn, more productive while working.

Activ-1 Height Adjustable Tables

Live Longer

Many experts have described prolonged sitting as “the modern smoking.” Studies have shown our sedentary habits can lead to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. These studies show that reducing the amount of time you spend in your chair can reduce the risk of these diseases. Some have even suggested that sitting for more than three hours a day can shave two years off your life expectancy.

QuickStand Height Adjustable Platform

Burn Calories

Standing up burns more calories compared to sitting down. While the amount of calories burned when standing doesn’t seem to be much, they add up. Standing can burn up to 750 extra calories a day, burning 30,000 calories a year. That’s around 8 lbs. of body fat burned just by standing!

Transitioning to a purely standing desk can be difficult and is not for everyone. At Office Furniture Heaven, we believe the best work environment offers a balance - standing or sitting when you want. We are proud to supply a variety of height adjustable options to fit your needs! These workstations offer all of the benefits of a standing desk while also giving you and your staff the freedom to sit when you want. Stop by our showroom to try our height adjustable tables and platforms and see what solution works for you.

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