OFH Tours the AIS Factory

The Office Furniture Heaven team recently had the opportunity to visit the AIS factory. As a key partner manufacturer, we were hosted to a full tour of their New England manufacturing facility, located just 30 minutes outside of Boston. Our tour highlighted the unique production techniques of this state of the art facility.

Metal Components Enter Oven and Powder Coat Spray Booth

AIS’ homegrown business model boasts American made furniture. As furniture dealers, we love knowing this. Buying furniture made in America means supporting more local jobs, higher quality furniture, quicker delivery, and reduced environmental impact. AIS is also a Carbon Neutral Company and their products are GreenGuard certified.

As one of the country’s leading manufacturers of commercial office furniture, AIS is growing and constantly looking to expand. Currently, AIS is operating out of a 650,000 square foot factory and is still looking to expand and grow their business.

Hand Made in America and Furniture Ready to Ship

AIS’ business model is based on efficiency, quality, and consistent improvement. As a lean and modern manufacturer, AIS uses an advanced technological approach to production. AIS won the Shingo Award, honoring the company for their operational excellence and world-class manufacturing.

Office Furniture Heaven is proud to partner with AIS. The company’s outstanding business model, customer service, and products set AIS apart. AIS continues to manufacturer some of our best selling and most award winning products. From the Oxygen, Calibrate, Divi or Matrix Systems, AIS creates beautiful office furniture for any space.

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