Behind the Scenes at OFH: What Our Company Values Mean to Us

As autumn begins to set upon New York City, we decided to spend some time reflecting upon our company values. For over thirty years, the OFH Team has helped our clients furnish their offices with level of personal attention and care that makes them feel like family. We believe our commitment to our strong unifying values is the driver for our success.

Providing our clients with hand-selected office furniture that is made to last, that matches our client’s aesthetic and is delivered on time, on budget—this is what we do well, and we are proud of it. Maintaining our high standards of customer service, on a hectic and time-sensitive schedule, requires the dedication of an experienced team.

In this blog, we decided to take you behind the scenes and let you know what the OFH Core Values mean to us.


We believe that furniture should serve more than one purpose. It shouldn’t only look good--it should feel comfortable and be designed to help you work better. In a world that is plugged in, the furniture in your office should have seamless electrical integration in addition to ergonomic adjustments and features. “It is about finding the best solution,” said David Cashner, our Sales Executive and Designer. Giving the client what they need and providing a solution that completely matches the flow of people and flow of work in a space—that is a “smart” solution.


Good Design represents what we strive for and do best. Good Design can also mean a lot of things. According to our Sales Executive, Dean Pettitt, “Listening to the client is good design.” Spending time listening to a client’s needs and incorporating their beliefs into the design of a project, is an invaluable step in creating a functional office. Our company CEO, Marc Schwartzberg also added, “You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to have good design. A lot of furniture that is purchased for a reasonable price, can be poorly designed and unattractive; we believe for that same price, we can find beautiful well-designed solutions our clients can be happy with.”


Valuing our client’s time is one of our highest priorities at OFH. Dean said, “Valuing our client’s time is not only about reducing time, but also giving more time to those who need it.” It is about facilitating the process to meet our client’s requirements and deadlines and being ready to put in the extra time when it’s needed. Tracy Gregorowicz, our Sales Administrator, added “Seamless service, from the initial engagement to the final think you, is the best way to show we value a client’s time.” Efficiency, personal attention and seamless service are the three priorities we strive for at OFH.


Our Senior Design and Sales Executive, Susan Da Fonseca, said “It’s important to get a handle on the client’s budget, before giving them a solution. That way, you do not waste their time.” It’s important to us that we listen to our client, so we can transfer their needs into something deliverable. As we are not an aligned dealer, we are not obligated to sell a specific line of furniture. We sell lines of different price ranges. Our first responsibility is to the client—their needs, their taste and budget. Once we know the client’s parameters, we can decide on the right furniture that meets their requirements.


According to Samuel Chan, our Director of Operations, “Good teamwork functions like a professional sports team, where everyone works to keep the ball in motion.” In order deliver the best service to our clients, communication and collaboration between members of our team is a must. Each member of our team plays an important role in the company and works together to achieve a common goal. Gita Nihalani, our Sales Administrator, said “In a growing company, working as a team makes everything into a positive learning experience.”


Our ability to exceed our client’s expectations is what keeps them coming back. Our Accountant, Ricardo Yolas said “It’s the little things that make a difference. Calling customer to follow up after a job is finished and paid, and asking them about how they’re doing, or how pleased they are with their office—these small details show that you care.” Our clients will be spending a long time in their new office—it is important to us that it’s a positive experience.


Our Sales Administrator, Susan B. said, “When a project goes smoothly, the client is happy, we are happy.” In our industry, every aspect of a project from start to finish requires attention to detail. Paying attention to details is always how we value our client’s time. Looking at all aspects of a job, from visiting the jobsite, placing and order, to delivery—ensures that our client’s deadlines are met, and everyone is happy. According to Marc, “You can’t wing it in our industry. Paying attention to details is the price of admission. An extra 10 minutes now will save you hours later.”


In NYC, there are many hiccups that can happen during the stages of a project. But our team believes in having a positive attitude in the face of adversity.  According to Gita it is about “finding the right solution and making it happen.” We advocate for our clients, and we will collaborate with their whole team to find the right solution. We work with company owners, office managers, building managers, construction teams, installation teams, architects, designers, to provide the right kind of service for our clients.


Our Interior Designer, Veronica, said “With teamwork, there is always a solution to every problem.” When we are hit with an obstacle, we address all possibilities, and work as a team to resolve it. According to David, “It is not about paying lip service, but working to find the best solution for clients.” Sometimes finding the best solution means thinking outside of the box. Going above and beyond for our clients matters to us.

From our experienced sales representatives and designers that map out the beginning stages of a project, to our sales administrators who handle every detail of delivery and installation—each stage of an office furniture project requires teamwork and communication to ensure everything is done in a timely and professional manner.

At OFH, it makes a difference to us to live our values. It is not simply a professional responsibility to meet the needs of our clients, but to provide them the best possible service that shows a sincere level of care. It is our goal to create offices that are happy, positive places to work in. And the values we hold makes a difference.


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