Brighten up your office with OFH Architectural Glass Walls

Allow natural light to cascade through your office! Architectural Glass Wall Systems are a cost effective solution for privacy without sacrificing the feel of being in an open office. As offices move away from dark cubicle stations and permanent walls, our clients have been opting for glass walls to brighten up and increase the transparency of their space. The glass wall systems we offer are beautiful, flexible, customizable and available for quick delivery.

We have integrated streamline construction methods that make our glass walls fully modular, while boasting some of the shortest lead times in the industry. Clean architectural details, with concealed mechanical components, allow for a synthesis of beauty and function. Our glass walls install cleanly in work areas, and are equipped with state-of-the-art hinges and sliding door mechanisms that make them smooth to operate and built to last. Doors can be placed anywhere, with hinges, or a concealed sliding door track with a sound seal. You can also dress up your glass walls with an adhesive logo, bold graphic design or opaque frosting, for decoration or visual privacy.

Numerous studies have proven the positive effect of daylight on one’s physical health and mental well-being. People who work in open, spacious environments, with plenty of access to natural light, work better and are happier. Our clients are always pleased by the positive impact our glass walls have on the overall look, feel, and function of their office environment. Work with an OFH sales executive or designer to see the beautiful solutions we can create for your workplace.

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