The Home Office is Here to Stay. You Might as Well Do it Right

Activ-Pro Height Adjustable DeskWorking from home can be challenging when you don’t have a workspace to meet your specific needs. That is why OFH is introducing our Work from Home collection. Choose from our curated selection of desks, chairs and ergonomic accessories that are in-stock, and ready to ship directly to your home office by FedEx or UPS.

Step 1: Invest in a Good Chair


You can easily spend most of your work hours sitting down. Why not invest in a good chair that will help you stay comfortable and productive? Our top selling ergonomic chair, X-Chair, is available in our Work From Home collection, and is an excellent solution for staying supported during your work day. With an optional headrest and up to 10 different adjustments, you can find your right fit to help you work and perform at your best.


In addition to X-Chair we offer different ergonomic-friendly options for the home office, including our Zilo Chair, Phelps Chair, Reed Mesh and Robin Lowback Chair. Each chair has its own unique features, which can add instrumentally to your home office environment.

Step 2: Invest in a Good Desk

Don’t let remote working relegate you to the kitchen table. In our Work from Home collection we offer three unique desking solutions that can help you turn your home office into a place of hyper-productivity.

Activ-Pro Height Adjustable Desk

A highlight from our Work From Home collection is the Activ-Pro height adjustable desk. Available in Arctic White, Maple and Walnut laminate, it features a sleek silhouette, with lasting appeal for residential spaces. With a height range of 25.5" - 51.5", a whisper quiet motor and push button LED screen, the Activ-Pro is a state-of-the-art solution that will help you say flexible in a confined area. We currently offer our Activ-Pro in two sixes, as a 60” x 30” and as a 48” x 30”.


Pivit Desk


If what you are looking for is a stationary desk, we also offer our Pivit Desk both as a 60” x 30” and a 48” x 30. High functioning features include grommets on the surface of the desk, which allows for clean wire management. Available in White, Café, and Grey Ash, these stationary tables can be paired with any range of accessories, including our single and dual monitor arms, sit-stand desk solution as well as wire management trough and over-desk power solution.

Step 3: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories


Winston Desk


In our Work From Home collection, we offer different ergonomic accessories to be paired with any of of desks, tables and other offerings. These accessories include our Movel Moving Workstation that can help turn any area in your home to a high functioning work area. We also offer a sit-stand Winston Desk that can enable a stationary desk to have height adjustable features. Finally, we offer single and dual monitor arms that can be attached to any work surface to ensure your monitors are always at their most comfortable height.


While working at home poses its own challenges, it is important to focus on the positive side of things, by making your individual space a welcoming and comfortable place to be in. For more options for office furniture and accessories, visit our Work From Home page, or speak to a Work From Home Specialist, by emailing us at

Stay Safe + Stay Strong!

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