Light the Way! Creative Lighting Solutions for Your Office

Overhead Lighting

An often-overlooked step of having a beautiful and productive office is lighting. Good lighting integrates seamlessly in an office design and improves one’s mood, productivity and ability to focus. While it is easy to get lost choosing the right chair or deciding between desks, a bad lighting decision can have a ruinous effect on your team’s performance. The best office lighting harmoniously balances both artificial and natural light sources and provides the correct lighting for every activity. In this blog, we will discuss the different kinds of office lighting, and how they can be utilized within the design of your office to benefit you and your entire team.

Natural Light

OFH Office Design Project with Architectural Glass Walls

Natural Light is by far the preferred kind of light in an office. Employees who have access to natural light tend to report higher levels of job satisfaction and happiness. In the words of the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright “light is the beautifier of the building.” Many offices today are using architectural glass walls to brighten their offices with natural light.

Ambient Light

Overhead Lighting

Even the tallest and widest windows, on a cloudy rainy day can leave employees working in darkness without an alternative light source. Overhead lighting, carefully attuned to the needs of an office can closely mimic the effects of natural light. Indirect lighting, or “reflected light,” is a preferred lighting solution for employees because it evenly illuminates a space without drawing attention to a specific light source. State-of-the-art LED lights have become the most popular choice in the category due to their energy efficiency and light quality. Overhead LED lighting with varying light temperatures and dimming features can be modified to suit the needs and preferences of each work area. Light fixtures in different creative shapes and configurations can add to the design and aesthetic of the whole office.

Task Lighting

Preview and Amble Task Light by OFH

Lighting can be very personal. For certain activities, direct lighting is preferred. Direct task lighting can be utilized to illuminate work areas according to personal preference. Ergonomic desk lamps, such as the Element, Preview, or Horizon Task Light have on-off functionality and provide a steady, consistent and beautiful light source for each user. Lights like the Amble carry additional touch sensitivity to always adjust to different gradations of light, with a sleek silhouette that adds a designer’s touch.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting by OFH

The appearance of every office can be improved with accent lighting. Advantageously placed lights throughout a space can reduce the effects of shadows, make spaces appear larger and convey a mood throughout a space. Accent lighting is often used to make certain areas of an office feel “cozy,” or encourage relaxed engagement and conversation. Different areas of an office can also be enhanced with light, like reception areas, conference rooms, and executive offices.

Designing with Light

Overhead Lighting, and the Element Task Light by OFH

Concepts that work towards bringing together a beautiful and efficient office include the furniture and layout chosen, the carpet, flow of the space and the light. Lighting can function as a design element within the architecture of the space. Employees who work in well-lit areas report a higher level of productivity and happiness than those who work in inappropriately-lit conditions. At OFH, we can help you bring light into your next office. Start a conversation with us at

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