Looking Back on Another Excellent Year in 2022! Happy Holidays from the OFH Team!

OFH celebrates holiday dinner at Kyma Hudson Yards

This year has been one of our most exciting years at OFH. We would like to thank our friends, clients, and referral partners for making this success possible! On December 5th, our team enjoyed a fantastic company holiday dinner at Kyma Hudson Yards to celebrate a year of success!  The OFH Ph team enjoyed a holiday dinner at La Vie in the Sky.

The OFH Ph team enjoys a holiday dinner and get-together at La Vie in the Sky

In 2022, OFH furnished many elegant spaces including: Financial Project Jericho, Finance Project Madison Avenue, One World Trade, and more. We also expanded our Sales team with excellent new hires: Matt Dean, Mark Giese, Alex Tutino and Jenna Allen. We also welcomed new members of our Operations and Design team: Dave Fleck, Cyril Ocaba, Claire Conjurado, Chax Belleza, Camela Cule, Danica Credo and Esa Prieto. The tenacious energy of our new team members has helped move OFH in a positive direction, providing internal improvements as well as increasing our capacity to provide quality service to our stakeholders.  

OFH leadership team  at Outward Mindset training by the Arbinger Institute

In the last 2 quarters of the year, we set to explore a crucial OFH core value: curiosity. In our Quarters of Curiosity, we made a concrete investment in educating our team, providing them with the tools and resources to learn—from individual coaching, and in-person and online team training to individual video and seminar courses. These efforts successfully explored what it means to be curious: to be inquisitive and to “dare to know” how to creatively perform the critical aspects of one’s role. Training in in EOS Traction for the entire company, in addition to investing in leadership training by theArbinger Institute were important ways we invested in developing a forward-thinking strategy for our company. Additionally, the OFH team worked to perform community outreach outside of the workplace, packaging meals for needy families at God’s Love We Deliver, followed by a get-together over drinks. 

OFH team attends Wolfgang-Tilman's "To Look Without Fear" alongside two prominent design firms

For members of the A&D community, we hosted many interactive networking events at manufacturing partner showrooms, in addition to hosting a Health and Wellness CEU course. The OFH team also attended together two exclusive tours of the Wolfgang-Tilman’s exhibit “To Look Without Fear” at MoMA, the later alongside two prominent design firms 

Lastly, we are excited to announce in 2022 that our team has returned to the office! 

Overall, 2022 has been a special and worthwhile year for us. We are looking forward to wishing everyone happy holidays, and a wonderful new year! 

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