Marc Moderates Panel at RETHINK Office: New York, September 17th, 2019

We are excited to announce that Marc Schwartzberg, our CEO, will be moderating a panel “Adaptive Footprint: Next-Generation Workplace Strategy & Office Design” at Rethink Office: New York’s September 17th, 2019 event, taking place at 7 World Trade Center. Use the discount code S-OFH-25 to receive 25% off registration.

This event will cover a variety of topics including office design, workplace strategy, office building design and cost-saving initiatives. The introduction of coworking and flexible office space has shaken the commercial real estate market. Learn all about how we are adapting our understanding and methods to these new innovations. The event includes panels, workshops, closed-door roundtables, and educational presentations touching upon a wide array of relating topics where experts and leaders will share knowledge and experience.

Marc’s panel will focus on how to balance priorities in workplace design. Office design is important to the functioning of a company. The challenge is to compromise between the expectations of the management, the needs of employees and the constraints of the building. How do you decide what is most important? How do you measure productivity and pinpoint the weak points that require improvement? How can I effectively employ smart building technology to be harmonious with our workplace strategies? Experienced members in the field will share their insights on new trends, priority assessments and creating an effective workplace environment.

Rethink Events are conferences developed by GreenPearl that cover real estate and technological innovation. Rethink has 3 different series: Rethink Office, Rethink Emerging Trends and Rethink Retail.

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