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In 2020 we have seen the collaborative office furniture trend reach new heights, with intuitive and fun furniture lines that are designed specifically to enhance employee engagement. No longer a fleeting buzzword, at every price point your team can bring a “collaborative space” into your office. At OFH, our team has compiled a list of some of our favorite lines from the last year, from café seating to lounge, that focuses on the “third spaces” that have emerged in offices, to tackle the necessity in today’s offices for communication and connection.


The ability to use design to cleanly define work areas is a leading reason for the success of collaborative spaces. Not all interactions are the same, and therefore spaces should be furnished accordingly with the intention of how they will be used by employees. The Obeya serves this function well, by dividing space, while not interrupting the flow of movement from one area to the other. Companies can divide areas depending on the type of preferred interaction.

Collaboration Bleachers

Collaborative Bleachers are a fun approach to the idea of communicating in a space. With the appearance of stackable building blocks, one can choose the preferred interaction. With an attractive and fresh design appeal, these collaborative areas take up less space and are visually appealing. Collaborative bleachers are best suited to areas that seek to nourish creativity.


Like pebbles on the beach, modular office lounge furniture allows you to decide how your company will collaborate. Our Designer Collection line, Colours, enables you to take control of the interactive spaces, with pieces that can be arranged to suit every need and requirement. Colours is the perfect way for employees to relax and get together in a workspace.


A new and dynamic design that won a “Best of NeoCon” (Gold) award for its flexibility and innovation, LeanTo provides an acoustical solution to open areas. Private nooks create defined areas where employees can retreat to do private work or collaborate with others. Collaborative spaces in 2020 not only find solutions to draw people together but to immediately adjust to the needs of the moment.


Designers have also been experimenting with contract furniture that has a “residential look.” Furnishing today’s offices with some of the comforts of home carries strong positive visual associations that enable users to positively interact with the space built for the office. Built for the office, the Rowen boasts a soft and inviting design, with functionality for high traffic environments.

Movi + Rio

For seating on the go, and can be utilized to fit any immediate need, the Movi folding task chair and Rio Multipurpose chair are our best-sellers for versatility. Particularly in industries with lots of movement and flexibility, like education and retail, chairs that can be put easily taken out or stored helps improve the user experience and create better interactions.

Making Your Office More Collaborative in 2020

Collaboration has become an integral part of office life in 2020, as companies make the shift towards greater innovation and creativity. Communication enables the relevant flow of information to reach the right people and provides greater efficiency to the internal functioning of a company. Outstanding ideas are constantly born out of chance meetings. Good office design helps encourage those interactions by putting the right departments—and the right people—together to uniquely cultivate new ideas and innovations. To continue the conversation about improving collaboration and communication in today’s offices, contact a member of our team.

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