Moving Forward: Technology and Office Design at OFH

Visual Impressions Reception Area Rendering by Derek Ma

At Office Furniture Heaven, we excel at designing and furnishing offices for our clients. We live and breathe office design.

In 2017, our company invested in industry specific business processing software, new design technology, and extensive training for our team. We made a substantial investment in our company, to improve our quality of service. At Office Furniture Heaven, we are passionate about what we do, and our customers are our highest priority. In 2018, we offer faster, better quality service, and we are poised for growth.

Business Processing Software

Last year, Office Furniture Heaven made a substantial investment in industry specific order processing software and software training for our employees. This software provides us with a common platform to centralize information. It has a customer relationship management platform, monitors performance metrics, and manages the details of our complex projects. We have increased our output for proposal and order creation, vendor acknowledgements, delivery scheduling and customer service on all channels. Our new software helps us monitor every stage of a project, manages all data, and keeps us on top of updates.

Improved Interior Design Technology

As office designers, we are aware of the difficulty of visualizing a furnished office, when looking at a raw space. Office Furniture Heaven is now equipped with technology and tools to help streamline that process. In 2017, we invested in various office visualization and design software. These design programs include Visual Impressions, Autodesk, 2020-CAP, Adobe Creative Suite, and Rhinoceros. We also expanded our in-house design team with our full-time interior designer, Derek Ma. In an industry moving towards immersive visualization software that engages one’s spatial relationship with design, Derek’s advanced design training has helped move our design capacity to the next level. We are now able to produce stunning interior visualizations and office furniture renderings. Our team can take a raw space and create a visualization of the furnished space, finishes and material selections.

Faster Response and Service

At Office Furniture Heaven, our highest priority is the satisfaction of our clients with the design and furnishing of their office space. We made a financial investment and dedicated many hours of training to better serve our clients. Our goal is to provide individual attention and exceptional service. We collaborate with our clientele to ensure that their office furniture matches their company’s values and aesthetic. In 2018, Office Furniture Heaven is equipped to provide greater service.

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Visual Impressions Workstations Rendering by Derek Ma

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