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This year, we have been hard at work creating beautiful office design solutions for our clients. This post highlights some of the work we’ve done in the last few months. From modern Italian office furniture, to high-functioning ergonomics, these New York offices reflect thoughtful design and versatility. Our clients visited our Studio with a vision for their next office, and we worked with that vision to deliver a solution that amazed them.

In Private

In this Midtown office, beige sand with a pop of deep blue and lime color, sends one sailing adrift to tropical island. Clean white furniture opens shared working areas, with a proliferation of storage units that keeps everything neat. In the conference room, a luxurious Prisma conference with a gloss finish reflects morning light, while deep aquatic Flex Corporate chairs add the perfect blue to complete the effect.

Light and nature carries throughout the space, with plant life and a tank of tropical fish. White office furniture heightens the visual impact of minimalism, while drawing attention to lively selection of chairs and textiles strewn throughout the space. Executive offices carry the calming effects of Zen, with plenty of natural light, and careful compliments of relaxing color.



Modern Italian furniture elegantly synthesizes with New York City architecture in this stunning office. Windows facing the cosmopolitan Flatiron District cascade light throughout the office, accentuating the feeling of space and depth. Glass Walls preserve the impression of openness and offer clean views of Italian office furniture and contemporary artwork that fill the space.

Architectural lines, with precise corner detailing, are the signifiers of the Tay Series Executive Series. From luxurious black matte glass, to a silken black matte laminate, tabletops offer stunning visual appeal and texture. The bespoke Qubo Reception in white gloss, features a reflective glass transaction counter, adding the effect of understated simplicity.

CLW Distributors

Modern ergonomics and colorful Mid-Century design resounds through this spacious office in Long Island. Novo chairs, in vibrant candy-colored textiles, fill open work areas, beside cheerful abstract paintings and Kandinsky prints.

Simple and understated office furniture from our Zen Series create a calming counterbalance to the plethora of decorative items and eye-grabbing vintage furniture. The theme carries into the conference area, which features a Zen conference desk and stylish white Mojo chairs.

At our Studio, we continue to assist our clients in the creation of beautiful office environments. We are looking forward to the future offices that are to come. To see more of our office design projects, visit our projects page.

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