2017 Office Design Trends

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2017 has been an exciting year for office furniture and design. Collaborative and focus-oriented workspaces have taken the lead in discussion around office design. More often than ever before, the question we’re asking ourselves when entering a space, is not simply how it looks, but also “How does it make me feel?”

A recent article by Hypepotamus explored the many steps companies have been making to cultivate silence in their work areas. In a noisy city where everyone is plugged in, communicating and collaborating, usually the last thing on our minds is finding a quiet serene place. However, this has been an important shift in focus for office designers. With the rise of live work spaces, and the growing importance of creative and innovative work over repetition, the experience of the work environment has never been more important.

No longer considered a luxury in the industry, companies have been creating amazing lines of office furniture that help orchestrate experiences to match the needs of the workplaces they align with. In the spring, when our team was visiting design fairs in New York and Chicago, we had the opportunity of seeing many office furniture lines that embraced unifying functionality and aesthetics. In response, our team got together and curated a list of interactive office furniture that considers the human aspect of office design.


Spotted at NeoCon 2017, the Heya is the perfect example of a line of office furniture that matches privacy and community. Meaning “small room” in Japanese, the designer Roger Webb created the Heya to create individual private areas within a larger space. The result is an area to connect, as much as focus.



The River is our top pick for adaptability. Its modular design allows for a complete range of options. Whether one chooses to create a booth, or a deconstructed array of backless forms—the River allows for complete freedom of choice.



The Rowen is a lounge piece that incorporates peaceful serenity in its design. Featured at NeoCon 2017, the designer, Brian Graham, took inspiration from architectural and landscapes in their ability to create graceful inviting forms without sacrifice to warmth. A collaborative lounge area should be comfortable, inviting, and inspiring.

The Skara

The Skara Lounge is a great public space solution. With multiple back, base, ottoman, and upholstery options, the Skara is the perfect office design solution for lounge areas, collaborative meeting spaces, private offices, and public waiting areas. We particularly loved the tailored silhouette and curvature of the design, which adds an appealing material softness to the space.


Featured in our ICFF 2017 post, the FLOX is an acoustical system that flexibly conforms to wherever visual privacy is needed. The FLOX carries numerous sound absorbing and minimizing attributes. It’s 100% wool surface comes in a tastefully subdued neutral palette, and carries the ecological benefit of absorbing and neutralizing harmful VOCs. For additional options, see the FLEX.

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