OFH Upcycling Project: Refreshing a Current Office

The OFH Team upcyling the client's existing panels + the final result

Upcycling is taking something that was meant for one purpose and modifying it to make it better. There are those times that OFH is asked to help clients re-imagine and “upcycle” their existing space to better fit their needs without having to replace all their current furniture and starting from scratch.

In those instances, we can provide an environmental and budget-conscious alternative for companies to determine what furniture should be restored, reused or replaced, resulting in a functional office layout and office design that improves employee engagement.

Our client, a publishing company, had only a few weeks to move their team of 100+ employees into an office that was previously furnished by an accounting firm. They knew immediately that they needed to improve the layout of the office to fit their needs. They reached out to us for our assistance.

The OFH team upgrading the reception area + the final result

OFH performed a walkthrough of the space. OFH Sales Executive Dean Pettitt and members of the OFH Design Team listened to the client’s comments to get an understanding of their needs. They needed help reconfiguring different departments using their existing furniture, in addition to requiring desks for additional staff members. The space was also very dark and required a thorough cleaning before their team moved in. 

Our goal was to transform the dark, mazelike office layout, into one that would encourage collaboration and efficiency. We knew we had to operate on a modest budget and complete this project without exceeding our client’s strict timeline.

By lowering the height of the existing panels, work areas have much more light

We lowered the height of the panels and had them steam cleaned. We reconfigured the desks in the private offices to accommodate more employees, replacing and disposing of furniture that did not fit the new layout. We also installed new workstations and coordinated the installation of additional furniture. With the help of the great team at Distinctive Offices, the client repainted, cleaned carpets and changed floor carpeting in high visibility areas. We closely coordinated with the construction team to ensure every aspect of the project perfectly reflected our client’s requirements and specifications, and every deadline was met.

Employees now had access to natural light which made their offices brighter and more functional. The result was a fresh look for a tired space, completed quickly on a modest budget.

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