Personalize Your Office + Improve Productivity with Fun Office Accessories

In a fast-paced work environment, where every minute counts, your office should be beautiful, comfortable, and meet your high standards of performance. You can use office accessories to personalize your office and improve the way you work. At OFH, we selected a range of cool office accessories, to give you some fun ways to increase your office’s productivity and make it more attuned to you.

Monitor Arms

You can maximize space efficiency in your work areas, with visually striking monitor arms. Minimal and simple, monitor arms are a great choice for desk organization. Monitor arms have built-in wire management, and can lift screens above work areas to provide you with more room on your desk. From single to multiple-screen users, screens can be moved and adjusted to match your ergonomic height. Upgrade options, including technology and data ports, are also available—so, no more searching for an open outlet! You can view OFH’s selection of monitor arms here


Every work area needs light. Light creates the appearance of depth in a space, and helps improve concentration. Great minds should never work in the dark. In areas away from a natural light source, consider investing in track lighting that can be adjusted as needed in a space. Additionally, direct light on each desk, can help brighten your office and improve office-wide productivity. Some of the minimal lighting solutions we offer are the Vision Light, Horizon Light, and Element Light.

Accoustical Solutions

Reduce noise and highlight privacy with sound absorbing technology. Acoustical panels and desk dividers can be placed along walls or between desks to add the right amount of serenity and color to make your office pop! Available in a wide variety of decorative shapes and sound absorbing materials, acoustical solutions can help reign in ambient noise, and keep your office focused. Options we have available include Webwall, Wavewall, Flex, Flox and Blox. We have more if you ask us.


You can transform any fixed height desk into an active one, with the Quickstand. The Quickstand neatly attaches to the back of any work surface, placing the keyboard and screen in an ergonomically correct position for the user. The Quickstand allows the benefit of enjoying height adjustable features, without the necessity of changing your existing desk. The two options we carry at OFH are the Quickstand and Quickstand Lite.

Power + Data Solutions

Never search for place to plug in your phone again! A high-functioning space needs up-to-date technology, and a convenient way to access it. Our team suggests a variety of power and data solutions, from over desk outlets, data portal units, wireless charging stations, to power strips—to make your life easier and more comfortable. You can ask one of our experienced sales reps about what options are available to take your office to the next level.

Whiteboards + Glassboards

The classic whiteboard is the easiest way to record and convey ideas in an office. You can enhance your entire office with our visually stunning glassboards. Glassboards provide a non-staining, architectural writing surface that can make your space look beautiful. Clean and minimal, glassboards are customizable in size and color, and come in a variety of flexible options. Wall mounted glassboards include the Glassboard Float, Glassboard Depth and Flip Glassboards. Portable varieties are also available with go! Mobile Glassboards.

The right office accessories can drastically improve the way you work. They can help you concentrate better, feel better, and perform tasks faster. For more information on how you can improve your workspace, contact an experienced member of our sales team at


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