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As the new season begins, and as you begin planning the next steps of your team’s office move or office reconfiguration, it’s important to start first with the essentials. In a previous post, we discussed office furniture options available for quick delivery. This post will be focusing on our tried-and-true bestsellers. From luxurious conference tables to ergonomic seating and workstations, these client-favorite pieces have been used in OFH Projects.


OFH Projects Featured: Empire State Office, Modern Bank

A clean, linear reception collection that offers a wide range of material options, surface finishes and components allowing you to mix and match to create the perfect introduction to your space. View Product


The Eleven Conference Table

OFH Projects Featured: Empire State Office, Luma Partners, Fracht

Architecture Uninterrupted. Swiss architect and designer Daniel Korb developed Eleven around a fundamental concept: "Furniture is Architecture on a Different Scale". This inspires furniture created for functionality and connectivity to support where people interact. Informed by the international style and an architect's attention to detail, Eleven is an adaptable, sustainable collection that scales from private to open spaces. View Product


Aptos Private Office

OFH Projects Featured: L.H. Frishkoff & Company

Designed by Brian Graham. A range of expression is established through a palette of architecturally inspired materials. The enduring quality of wood sets the tone, complemented by textures of glass, stone, and aluminum. From the classic professional to the creative contemporary executive, Aptos provides the appropriate solution to furnish an entire project. View Product


OFH Projects Featured: Fracht, Finance Project, Quantbot Technologies, Biotech Project

Activ-Pro brings height adjustability to your office. Clean aesthetics combined with sit-to-stand options add versatility and movement to any office space. Available for quick delivery in a variety of finishes. View Product



OFH Projects Featured: Empire State Office, Luma Partners

Designers Pam Light and John Duffy imagined places where furniture supported the way people work, rather than dictating it. Through conversations and sketches, they created Staks—a design vocabulary of furniture that fosters a habitat that feels personal and natural, includes eclectic textures and patterns, and scales flexibly to individual needs. We’ve added new options for soft, rounded surfaces to that vocabulary, including beautiful wood legs that evoke a sense of home in any setting. View Product 


OFH Projects Featured: Empire State Office, L.H. Frishkoff & Company

Chairs are personal. We allow them into our spaces and rely on them daily for support. Often, chairs can even be a reflection of our personalities. Harpin embraces the things that we all share as people while celebrating what makes us each unique. Harpin’s simple form and structure provides a unified aesthetic and proven ergonomic support, while still providing an opportunity for personal expression through different options for texture, colors, and arms. View Product



OFH Projects Featured: Statar Capital

With distinct exterior lines paired with softer interior forms, Skara scales architecture to a personal level.  Its subtle flairs nestle users into a supportive, comfortable sit ideal for sharing spaces as well as respite areas that focus on self.  Naturally welcoming with simple styling choices, Skara invites people to connect with each other and the cultural ambience around them. View Product


OFH Projects Featured: Empire State Office, L.H. Frishkoff & Company

Elegant and welcoming don’t always go hand-in-hand. For Rowen, designer Brian Graham took inspiration from architecture and landscapes to create a graceful, inviting form that evokes a sense of beauty and peace without sacrificing warmth. People need environments that calm and inspire, and Rowen helps create those spaces. The thin, faceted legs create a sense of lightness and poise, while the softer shapes of the cushions provide comfort. View Product



OFH Projects Featured: Foley & Mansfield

Duet is a high-density stacking chair that is easy to connect, quick to stack and simple to store. Perfect for education settings, in addition to collaborative and café areas, Duet offers the versatility of customization. View Product



OFH Projects Featured: Fracht

Sleek lines and seamless surfaces distinguish the flowing design of the Flexxy swivel chair. The arms’ graceful, twisted structure optimizes strength for rigorous daily use. A cleanly integrated mechanism provides seat-and-back adjustments without disrupting the chair’s thin profile. Flexxy swivel is complemented by a line of multipurpose chairs, making the Flexxy family at home anywhere, from your workstation to project room to conference room. Flexxy is available in Swivel, Stool and Guest. View Product


Novo Chair

OFH Projects Featured: Fracht, CLW Distributors

The Novo collection was created for those who demand superior design and the ability to tailor aesthetics and function to fit any environment. With infinite ability to customize, Novo is the right choice for workstations, collaborative spaces, and everything in between. Pull up a chair or grab a stool — mix and match frame, lumbar, arms, and base options to create the perfect combination for your environment. Configurable in millions of possible combinations, the only limit is your imagination. View Product

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The OFH team offers expert office furniture assistance to companies every day. Whether you are considering moving to a new office or adjusting your existing space, our team is available to office assistance and guidance throughout the process. Schedule and appointment here.

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