Remembering Godfrey Dallek (May 23, 1926 – May 3, 2018)

With heavy hearts, we say goodbye to Godfrey Dallek, who passed away on April 3, 2018, just short of his 92nd birthday. He encouraged growth at OFH, as an influencer, mentor, advisor and close family member to Marc Schwartzberg. His life experience, rich sense of humor and good judgement, will make him long remembered as a source of inspiration at our company.

Godfrey made his passion his life. He took over the family furniture business following WWII, with his brother-in-law, Herbert Schwartzberg (Marc’s father). Together, they transformed a small family used furniture brick-and-mortar store, Dallek Office Furniture, into a metropolitan office furniture dealership and design company. With a designer’s eye and love of modern furniture, he helped furnish some of the most beautiful offices in NYC from the 1940’s-70’s. After Herbert’s sudden death in 1971, he took over the company, and imbued it with the same passion he brought into every area of his life. Godfrey believed in building and maintaining strong relationships, and treating his customers and vendors like family.

After exiting the office furniture industry in the 1970’s, he continued to stay very active. He was a founding member of the Great Neck Synagogue in Long Island. He also dedicated time to his family, athletics, aesthetics and traveling around the world. Marc and his Uncle Godfrey’s relationship grew stronger later in Godfrey’s life, and the two shared a close bond. Both lovers of art, athletics and furniture, they stayed in regular contact, discussing everything from business, family, to personal matters. Godfrey played the role of an important mentor, providing Marc with the judicial and kind advice necessary to run a growing office furniture company in New York City. Marc will always remember Godfrey’s advice to “Never spend a dollar you don’t have” and “Use your finger to delegate.”

The immeasurable influence Godfrey Dallek had on those who knew him will be greatly missed. His generosity, his warmth and larger-than-life personality will be remembered forever.



Andrew on July 25 2023 at 08:07PM:

In 1972 Godfrey designed my first Boutique in Roslyn
Long Island. We had no money to speak of! He designed our 450 sq feet into a magnificent retail establishment!
For that I say ty and RIP!!

Patricia Gallé on July 25 2023 at 08:00PM:

I didn’t know and I’m so sad.

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