Rethink: Office 2019 RECAP

On September 17th, 2019, OFH CEO Marc Schwartzberg moderated at a panel, “Adaptive Footprint: Next-Generation Workplace Strategy & Office Design” at RETHINK OFFICE: NEW YORK’S SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2019 EVENT. The event covered important topics the NYC commercial real estate market is faced with from office building design and cost saving initiatives, to workplace strategy and data.

Our takeaway from the panel outlined by Marc Schwartzberg in his article [Link] is that creating an engaging office is simpler than you think. Data is being utilized to shed light on what employees need to thrive in their environments, and the results may differ from what many people believe. As many companies try to go above and beyond, providing outstanding amenities like private gyms and yoga, to improve employee satisfaction, data is revealing that simple everyday office improvements can have a more profound impact. Simply removing distractions in the office, having good lighting, fresh air and comfortable furniture can often be enough to show a dramatic improvement in employee engagement and happiness. 

Speakers at the panel included:
Galina Breslav, Sr. Director – Asset Management at Nuveen
Jake Elghanayan, Principal at TF Cornerstone
Amit Persaud, NYC Development & Repositioning at View | Dynamic Glass
Scott Philips, Director – Workplace Management at Mcdonald’s
David Rotbard, Global Real Estate – Workplace Strategy at Verizon
Megan Spinos, Director – Workplace Strategy at Vocon

Additional panels included “Workers’ Paradise: Top Landlords and Tech Tenants Discuss the Best Money Can Buy,” “Tenant Experience: Hospitality as a Key Driver in Leasing & Workplace Decisions,” and ended with “Tenant Experience: Hospitality as a Key Driver in Leasing & Workplace Decisions” led by the keynote speaker Bill Rudin, the CEO of Rudin Management. Click here to view photos from the conference.

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