Sneak Peak: Open Office Ready for Move-In

Some weeks ago, members of our team walked a few blocks from our headquarters, to oversee a large-scale furniture installation for a client in the Flatiron District. We collaborated with their team and the architectural firm Oprea Design, to choose quality furniture that accommodated the needs of over 200 employees, while meeting within their strict budget requirements. This blog features some of the photo highlights of the project, taken just after we completed installation and before our client moved in.

As a growing food services company that prides itself in creative innovation, it was important for our client to create an office plan office that effectively facilitated communication and interactive exchange between their team members. OFH Bench Desking was chosen for its numerous customizable features and affordability, and was installed throughout common areas at desk height, with electrification and integrated data. Team members could easily move around the office, answer emails, and plug in their laptops and equipment, without having to search for an outlet. Work areas were additionally furnished with highly economical screen back task chairs, carefully selected for their versatile and durable design, comfort, and price.

Thoughtful space planning was utilized to increase the functionality of space, with consideration with the needs of a large team. Individual offices were separated by glass walls to reduce noise and maximize visual space. Quiet offices, furnished with Activ-1 height adjustable tables, created a flexible, focus-oriented area for independent work. For additional privacy, small rooms, furnished with café chairs, allowed a place for team members to take phone calls or have a one-on-one conversation. Primarily a social office, a cleanly furnished kitchen area with counter-height stools, café chairs and tables, allowed a space for culinary experimentation and testing. The spacious front reception area was furnished with a sophisticated Zen Reception Desk, with inviting blue Cubic sofas to greet visitors.

We're happy to say, the office is now ready!

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