Staying Comfortable with Collaborative Seating: Introducing Pasea + Nano

Comfort and flexibility are the new mantras of the open office. Collaboration is thriving, and the design of open areas is evolving to meet changing expectations and requirements. Our exciting new modular lounge collections, Pasea and Nano, have just made smart, technology-integrated lounge more accessible. In a brave new world of beautiful textiles, unlimited colors, and ergonomic features, get ready to sit back and enjoy Pasea and Nano in your office!


Comfortable and convenient, Pasea offers a flexible modular lounge solution with both high-functioning and recreational applications. Its curved back provides lumbar support and comfort, allowing for longer periods of sitting. Easy-to-find technology ports allow for uninterrupted workflow and complete flexibility.

From open offices to intimate spaces, Pasea can be designed to create the best fit. Whether plugging in a laptop for private work or collaborating, all actions can be accomplished with the same amount of ease. Introduce a pop of color in your open areas, with Pasea’s colorful range of textile possibilities.


Like building blocks, Nano’s modular lounge pieces offer the most creative potential in configuration and assembly. The lightweight modular units can be easily rearranged or can made into a permanent structure with ganging brackets. Choose from 4 unique shapes to find the best choice for your office.

The most striking feature of both Pasea and Nano is their modularity. Differently shaped components can be rearranged into endless configurations, to match the requirements of the space.  Experiment with bursts of color from Pasea and Nano’s wide range of textiles to make a personalized statement about your office, or to highlight your company’s brand. To explore more of the possibilities of Pasea and Nano, schedule an appointment with an OFH Sales Representative or Request a Quote.

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