The “Cone of Silence” and Keeping Your Office Quiet in 2020


Welcome to 2020. And while there are no flying rocket cars or space shuttles to Mars, we’re at least happy to report that we have the technology to keep our offices quiet with office phone booths, noise-canceling headphones and more. But the question is: have our offices caught up with the times?

A running gag in the 60’s-era spy comedy “Get Smart,” was the “Cone of Silence.” The Cone of Silence was a cutting edge (not to mention, top-secret) apparatus that was designed to keep conversations silent and confidential. Simply lower the funny round glass bulbs over the heads of yourself and the person you’re talking to and your meeting can be conducted in completely silent secrecy. Of course, a glitch might occur where you cannot hear each other—or worse, everyone else in the room but you can hear the message. But technology is never perfect, right?

Get Smart - "Cone of Silence" (1965)

The creators Mel Brooks and Buck Henry continued to reuse the joke to refer to things that simply shouldn’t be talked about in public— “Keep that in the Cone of Silence!” Technology has gone a long way since 1965, but with populations in cities rising, finding a quiet place to work in 2020 remains a challenge for many employees. It is also a problem that isn’t effectively resolved or considered a high priority by companies that want to maximize the number of employees in a space. Densely populated open offices are popular in NYC, but they pack employees together, effectively making offices noisier than ever.

Office Phone Booths create quiet areas to focus in the office

In 2020, complaints about office-noise do not have to stay in the Cone of Silence. To begin, office phone booths offer employees isolated climate-controlled booths to work, concentrate, and take private phone calls without being heard. Layout and design can also be effectively utilized to minimize noise and encourage the right interaction between groups. Modular glass wall installations and sound-absorbing textiles reduce noise in concentrated areas. Personal solutions also include noise-canceling headphones, for help completing individual tasks in silence. Noise management technology can be specified in a space in accordance with one’s budget and requirements, to ensure a completely customized solution for each company.

LeanTo are designed to reduce noise in open areas with sound absorbing textiles

Studies have shown that too much noise in work environments can have a negative impact on employee productivity. Not being able to answer a private phone call or fully focus on a project because your neighbor is too loud is a reason to begin investing in noise-reducing technology in your office. We’ve come a long way since the Cone of Silence. Step into the 21st century and CONTACT a member of our team to create an acoustical solution for your office today.

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