Staying Healthy In and Out of the Office

Under the stress of an upcoming deadline, it’s often too easy to forget about staying healthy. However, your heath is what keeps you working; it affects your mood, how you think, your ability to stay creative, and bottom line, your productivity. A few small lifestyle changes can make a dramatic difference in how you feel throughout the day. Whether you are always on the go, or spend a lot of time at your desk, it’s time to make a commitment to staying healthy at work. In this blog, we have compiled a short list of tips to help you stay healthy in and out of the office.

Staying Active

While not every office can come with their own gym, you can avoid mid-day fatigue and weight gain by simply staying active. During breaks, don’t sit at your desk. Keep moving. Instead of ordering in lunch, go outside and take a walk. These small breaks are enjoyable, and can help clear your head for your next task. Breaking up long periods of sitting with occasional walking and standing is also very important. Height adjustable tables, quickstands and walking desks are very effective at keeping you mobile while working. If none of these things are immediately available, you can try to find an empty countertop to set a laptop, or get out of your chair occasionally to stretch. Be creative in your environment!

Work Life Balance

How often do you spend time with your friends and family? Do you get enough sleep? These are important questions to ask when thinking about your health. Time management can be difficult, and very often, work commitments can extend into personal time. While it is good to have ambition, part of having good physical and mental health is maintaining a work life balance. Personal time and rest enables you to process your own thoughts and makes you better at setting long term goals. Stress and sleeplessness can make you more forgetful, work more slowly, and get sick more often. This week, make a commitment to getting some more rest!

Ergonomics and Comfort

If you spend a lot time at your office, being comfortable is important. While owning the “right” ergonomic chair will not make you healthier, it can help you maintain good posture, and help reduce back and neck pain. Ergonomic furniture and accessories are part of a lifestyle choice. A good pull out keyboard tray and mouse pad can reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome.  A height adjustable desk can make it easier to vary your position from sitting to standing; however, you still must make a conscious decision to sit and stand. Look around you work area, and see what you can do to make it better. Comfort, temperature, lighting, and noise—all these factors contribute overall to your physical and emotional wellbeing. By making yourself more comfortable, you can stay more alert, focused and productive.

The Benefits of a Clean Environment

Too much clutter in an office can cause a lot of stress, and make things impossible to find. You can make a positive difference in how you work by keeping your office clean. Get rid of extra boxes, and throw things away! You’ll look more professional, have more space in which to work, and have less difficulty staying organized. Additionally, regular cleaning and good ventilation can improve air quality, and remove any lingering smells that can be an unwanted distraction.  Carpet manufacturers recommend a good carpet cleaning twice a year. It not only makes the office look and smell better, but it will extend the life of the carpet.


Your health matters! You can be happier and more productive at work, by simply staying active, eating right and keeping your workplace clean and comfortable. Even one small change can make a dramatic difference. Make a commitment today, to improve your health inside and outside of work!

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