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At OFH, we love small offices. Companies with 5-100 employees are the bedrock of New York City. They are innovative and scrappy; they have colorful personalities and know how to work as a team. From one small company to another, we understand what it takes to succeed. At OFH, we create beautiful office environments that help small offices grow and thrive. We collaborate with your team to coordinate all stages of a project. We help our clients feel their best while planning an office renovation and moving into a new office.

One of the hardest parts of moving for a small company is finding the time to coordinate the project. Working at a small company you wear many hats, and during a move, you must coordinate with contractors, architects, electricians, lawyers, the landlord, movers, and more. Coordinating, scheduling and following up on every detail can quickly become overwhelming. While large corporations often have procurement departments and personnel to handle all the stages of a move, small offices often don’t have the resources. At OFH, we understand the time crunch and stress that is brought on by an office renovation. Our team helps make that process easier.

From the beginning stages of the office renovation or move, our team will coordinate the project, so your company has time to focus on what they do best. Our team carries over 200 years of combined experience, tackling all stages of small office projects. We have seen it all. We will anticipate your needs and will work with your team to select beautiful office furniture that fits your culture and budget. Since 1991, OFH has been designing and furnishing small office spaces. Let us coordinate your office move and keep it a positive and seamless experience.

Moving offices is an exciting and happy experience for a small company. It means a new chapter of growth and success. OFH is dedicated to providing personal attention and service to make sure your new office is a success. For your next office furniture and design project, reach out to us and REQUEST A QUOTE.

David Cashner, OFH Sales Executive, Coordinating the Project for a Boutique Accounting Firm

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