We Love Small Offices: Our Commitment to Quality

When you walk into a well-designed office with quality furniture, there’s an immediate emotional impact. The look of your office shows that you have made an investment in your company. The high standards you placed in growing your business can be seen throughout your entire office. The office furniture is well-designed, is strongly-built—your team feels great, and they are excited to work in their beautiful and healthy office. At OFH, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that the offices we design are built to last because we know that quality furniture makes a difference.

OFH Office Design Project - Fracht

When you are a small company of less than 100 employees, choosing office furniture can seem daunting. The name brands are tried and true, but often too expensive and out of reach. That is why, at OFH, we believe in providing high-quality office furniture that is accessible for the growing company’s budget. We do so by carefully curating our office furniture selection, we have strong relationships with our manufacturing partners to ensure a high level of quality and consistency of our products. We ensure that everything is delivered on time to meet your deadline.

OFH Office Design Project

OFH represents over 150+ office furniture lines, that range from value-conscious office furniture essentials to high-end designer pieces. The furniture lines we represent are contract quality, which means they are heavy duty and are meant for long term use in commercial environments. Many of the furniture lines we offer come with a long term or lifetime guarantee. OFH offers a one-year guarantee on everything we sell. Our clients can mix and match pieces to fit the unique needs of their office, with the satisfaction of knowing that their office furniture will look great and function well for years to come.

OFH Office Design Project - The Dearie Law Firm

Quality is not just for huge corporations. At OFH, we have been designing and furnishing small offices in NYC since 1991. We believe in establishing a personal relationship with our clients and providing you with office furniture that will fit your high standards of excellence. Most importantly, we want our clients to be happy and for your office to look beautiful for a long time. Please get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your NEXT OFFICE.


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