Astra House

Location: New York, NY
Project Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
OFH Account Exec: 
David Casher

Astra House is a publishing company located in New York City, dedicated to publishing authors across genres and from around the world.

OFH Account Executive, David Cashner, was retained by Astra House to help furnish their space, including two conference rooms, 4 private offices, an open work area and kitchenette. OFH was first introduced to the company by Craig Romm, a Managing Director at Prime Manhattan Realty. Before the lease was signed, a meeting was scheduled between David, Craig, and the client at the raw space. During that meeting, they discussed the layout and requirements. David helped the client visualize how their space would look once furnished, by measuring the space and providing the client with a furniture configuration that met their requirements. After the meeting, the lease was signed, and OFH was retained for the project.

David collaborated with the COO & Publisher, Ben Schrank, for the primary decisions regarding the space. He also worked to manage the different manufacturers and trades, while also assisting the building landlord, who used the conference area measurements in David’s floorplan as the basis for his buildout. The project was temporarily delayed due to the onset of Covid-19 but was brought back into production after modifications were re-introduced into the floorplan to better abide by social distancing regulations. Alterations included expanding worksurfaces to 48” x 60” and reducing the number of conference chairs in meeting rooms. Additional fabric screens in a beautiful deep blue shade were incorporated into the plan for the reduction of noise in addition to providing additional barriers between desks.

Unique features of the office include vaulted brick ceilings, and cheerful windows that take in a lot of morning sunlight. Bookcases by the kitchenette colorfully display the company’s recent publications and are decorated by cheerful potted plants. OFH was happy to create a beautiful office for Astra House that will help their team thrive.

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