Biotech Project

Location: New York, NY
Office Size: 17,000 sq. ft.
Design Firm: Office Furniture Heaven
OFH Account Exec: Jody Eckert

When this specialty biotech company, which focuses on rescuing under-resourced drug candidates, was caught in the throes of explosive growth, their founder knew they needed a creative office furniture solutions provider with the experience to accommodate the company's rapidly changing needs. That was when our design team lead by senior Sales Executive Jody Eckert was called upon to operate.

Our prescription? An automated benching desk system powered and programmable to any working height, plus state of the art ergonomic seating for each workstation. We wanted to ensure that our client was equipped, not only to handle an influx of hardworking staff, but to secure retention and happiness by factoring out desk fatigue.

We did not stop there. Despite the breakneck pace of the company's expansion during the course of the project, we were able to coordinate and furnish a solution that seamlessly integrates cutting edge technology to suit the demands of this thriving biotech firm.

By the time we were done, our client had expanded their office to include a second floor and the heart and lungs of their firm had branched out to a total of eleven conference rooms -one of which includes a 35 seat boardroom table. All of the conference rooms were equipped with state of the art telecommunications and teleconferencing technology. Our team was able to design, furnish and deliver on all the additional and unforeseen infrastructure upgrades our clients required in their expansion and do it all in record time.

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