One World Trade

Location: New York, NY
Interior Designer: Havilande Whitcomb
OFH Account Exec: Marc Schwartzberg

OFH collaborated closely with a financial office located in the iconic One World Trade Center to create impressive and luxurious meeting spaces for their employees and clients. Under the direction of the interior design firm leading the project, we helped to select exquisite furniture pieces that aligned with the client's vision and the overall design concept.

We meticulously curated the furniture selection, paying attention to every detail, to create a space that would make a lasting impression on clients. The meeting areas feature elegant conference tables, comfortable seating, and the latest technology to facilitate smooth and productive meetings. Private executive offices were also furnished to provide a sophisticated and exclusive setting for meetings with high-profile clients.

The resulting space is a testament to the exceptional collaboration between OFH, the design firm, and the client. It offers a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere that exudes sophistication and elegance. Our team is proud to have played a role in creating such an impressive space that provides a perfect setting for important client meetings.

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