Private Label Fashion Company

Location: New York, NY
Project Size: 36,000 sq. ft.
OFH Account Exec: Marc Schwartzberg

OFH had the privilege of collaborating with a prestigious Private Fashion Label to furnish their New York City Office. Working alongside the interior design firm in charge of the project, our team carefully selected furniture pieces that would perfectly reflect the client's brand and aesthetic vision.

We prioritized creating an exceptional solution that would not only be beautiful, but also highly functional and minimalist, in order to create a space that would enable the client to thrive. Our furniture selection included sleek, modern designs with clean lines and subtle details, which we believed would elevate the space, and provide inspiration for the client's team.

In addition to selecting clean and functional furniture pieces, we also made sure to pay close attention to the practical needs of the client and their team. We furnished the space with ergonomic chairs and workstations, ensuring that employees could work comfortably and productively. We also incorporated collaborative spaces, such as lounge areas and meeting rooms, which were furnished with comfortable seating and functional work surfaces, to facilitate creative brainstorming and productive teamwork.

Overall, our team took great care to create a space that perfectly matched the client and design firm's vision, while also meeting the practical needs of the client and their team. The end result was a beautiful and functional office space that is both inspiring and productive.

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