Vita Coco

Location: New York, NY
Office Size: 12,000 sq. ft.
Design Firm: BAI Group
PhotographyLyngarkos Photography

Vita Coco, an environmentally-conscious coconut water brand, known for its forward-thinking and fun-loving ethos, had an ambitious plan for their NYC-headquarters. They retained the architectural firm, BAI Group, to assist them in designing a beautiful open office, that took inspiration from the rustic, tropical regions, where their coconuts are sourced. Beginning from the reclaimed hardwood floors, to the exposed columns, the architectural details of the space evokes the clean, unpretentious, down-to-earth values of the company. The office boasts a gorgeous view of Manhattan’s Gramercy Park neighborhood with abundant natural light.

Our sales executive, Jody Eckert, helped Vita Coco create a highly functional office while maintaining a beachy vibe. OFH provided simple, elegant office furniture to match their decor, which included a lush assortment of potted palms, a rickshaw bicycle, and a ceiling hammock. To complement the bold green-and-blue walls and decor, work areas were furnished with clean white OFH Bench Desking, with matching white Activ storage. Workstations were paired with green-accented ergonomic Focus chairs, for comfort. Beautiful royal blue Wit task chairs were provided to match Vita Coco’s custom conference table, which was made from coconut wood sourced from one of their farms.

A company, founded by two childhood friends casually meeting up at a bar, found its home in an office filled with comfy couches, upbeat décor, and conference rooms named after global surfing destinations. Anchored by practical workstations and comfortable ergonomic seating, the outcome was a breezy integration of modern office functionality and seaside playfulness. Wide open work areas, filled with bright colors and natural light, produced the perfect environment for creativity and collaboration. All that was left to do was to sit back, and stick a straw in a coconut.

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