Flip Glassboards

Flip allows both sides of a glassboard to be utilized for a heightened design aesthetic and elegant functionality. Enhance any space with a beautiful combination of a glassboards on one side and acoustical panels with custom prints, patterns, and colors on the other side. Prepare for a presentation, take notes or map out a strategy with Flip. The Flip panels effortlessly rotate to hide your notes and reveal a design oriented acoustical pattern when the board is not in use.

On the glassboard side of Flip, any color can be specified from our standard colors. Flip also include magnetic glass for enhanced functionality.Office Furniture HeavenC

On the felt side, a mix of panel styles and colors allow customization to any space. Each panel is made from premium, 100% recycled acoustical PET material. These panels reduce noise in open work-spaces and are tackable for function.

Customize your Flip to define your space. Flip is available with 10 beautiful frame colors in an anodized and powder coated finish. Specify over 150 glass colors.


Standard colors

Office Furniture Heaven - Flip Glassboard Colors

Then, complete your Flip with five acoustic panel styles and 15-panel colors!


Panel Colors

Office Furniture Heaven - Flip Panel Colors


Panel Styles

Office Furniture Heaven - Panel Syles


Elegance that transforms: Who knew something so sophisticated could not only look, but feel elegant? Create a striking and equally useful art-piece that captivates your space with Flip, a hybrid Glassboard and Sound Panel installation that transforms with your needs.


  • Available in over 150 standard colors
  • ColorDrop custom graphics available glass
  • Magnetic glass surface
  • Double sided glass option is available
  • All mounting hardware included


  • Each Flip panel is 48″ tall x 23.375″ wide with a total footprint width of 46.75″


  • Clarus Felt is a premium acoustical material designed to reduce noise
  • Five design styles and 15 standard colors offered
  • Made from thermo-pressed PET
  • Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .8 to 1.1
  • 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable
  • Tackable surface
  • Fire rating: ASTM E84 Class A