Trace Lockers

Storage space is precious these days. Often, what little storage is available is located in common areas. That means heavy use by lots of people.

Trace lockers provide secure, centralized personal storage that’s beautifully designed to complement your work space. 

Power where you need it: Keep electronic devices charged, ready, and secure. A single power feed can accommodate up to 40 lockers, with plug-in power inside each locker and wires routed outside and behind the cabinets. 

Lead with your fronts: Locker doors may be specified in your choice of color, or with wood laminate. 

GO Keyless!: Durable and flexible, GO's electronic locks are easily programmed to either fixed or revolving mode.

  • Fixed Mode: Once a code is created, that code remains in effect until the user changes it.
  • Revolving Mode: Also called hotelling or single use mode, the code is cleared after each complete locking cycle. 
  • Once the code is entered, the lock is activated by turning the lever.
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries (75,000 cycles)m accessible from outside the locker
  • A supervisor code is included, with programmable re-set
  • Easy-to-clean membrane keyboard

Integral Label Holder: specified as an accessory, labels are located at top center of locker doors. Print your own card labels with our online template.

Pulls and lock styles:

Office Furniture Heaven - Pull and Lock Styles

  • Customizable to fit any office
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Sixty Standard Colors
  • Eighteen Standard Laminates
  • Fifteen Standard Fabrics
  • Multiple pull and lock Styles to choose from.
  • Standard lock and key or electronic locks available.
  • Available in large variety of sizes.