The P600 wall revolutionises the traditional concept of mobile partitioning. The P600 replaces the traditional frame structure (uprights and crossbars onto which panels can be fixed) with a support structure made of aluminium profiles fixed to the floor and ceiling holding a glass panel or solid wood or melamine-finish panel.

The use of polycarbonate joints/silicon-free joints instead of uprights ensures levels of transparency that cannot be obtained using traditional methods without compromising the mechanical resistance of the system overall. This series is not based on standard modules but uses bespoke walls made to fit the individual space



One of the key concepts underlying this wall is creating the maximum transparency. It does so by inserting special see-through adhesive polycarbonate profiles between adjacent glass panels. The resulting environments are bright and streamlined, and characterised by visual continuity, daylight penetration and unhampered sight lines.



Depending on the location and the client's needs, the glass can be silk-screened, acid-etched, sandblasted or personalised using film; screens can be applied to the wall structure for privacy, ranging from minimal to total screening from view without affecting light levels.



The beauty of the P600 system lies in its complete freedom of use and suitability for all layouts – for example, when projects need to adapt to existing situations or when they involve environments requiring spatial flexibility. The wall design becomes an integral part of the architectural design, and they work together to define the most suitable interior layout.


The Solid Version

As well as glass panels the P600 can be used with solid panels faced with melamine or wood. This makes it possible to alternate solid areas with glazed areas using a single product, as well as creating refined environments using horizontal bands or fine wood finishes.


The Extra Dry Version

The Extra-Dry version replaces standard sections with extremely narrow extruded profiles that hold the glass in place at top and bottom. The floor profile consists of two small L-shaped brackets designed to sink into the carpet and virtually disappear from view.


Free Standing Version

The P600 is also available as a freestanding version should it prove impossible to fix the partition to the ceiling due to excessively high ceilings or complex layouts. The stability of the structure is guaranteed by adjustable rigid elements fixed to the top of the partition or by special brackets pushing against the ceiling.



The P600 series is completed by a range of doors – hinged, sliding, transparent or solid – that adapt to the project requirements as well as to the "feel" of the environment. All wall features – from decorations, screens to flexible shape – can be applied to the doors to create an integrated system