Sliding Barn Doors

As the barn door increases in popularity as a preferred door choice we have created an extraordinary space-saving glass version of this wonderful standard. Sliding barn doors provide a way for you to access everything inside of a closet, fully open an entrance to a room or private space and add flare to any place in the home including pantries and home offices. Partition off an area of the house for guests, close off a storage area, divide a loft or create a home office.

Interior Barn Door Types:

Wall Slide systems – hugs the outside of the wall
Suspended Barn Door – hugs the wall, no bottom track
Frameless Glass Barn Door – decorative exposed hardware makes it stunning along with the 10mm thick tempered glass
Closet Barn Doors – accentuate a bedroom closet, replaces old closet doors with modern style



Framed & Frameless
Slides along wall
5-10 mm thick tempered glass
Elegant space-dividing solution
Open or close off space as you wish
Easy-glide open and close