go! Mobile Glassboards

go! Mobile is the most design friendly portable whiteboard ever and allows you the freedom you need. Create an original statement by combining a countless number of design styles with this architecturally inspired Glassboard.

Combining a commitment to glass excellence with rigid steel construction, go! Mobile is a forward thinking architectural solution, designed to with innovation and function in mind.

go! Nesting: go! nests easily when at rest for minimal space usage. Premium casters allow go! Mobiles to easily come together and roll easily, resulting in a modular Glassboard communication solution.

go! Ganging: go! gangs together when at play to create scalability for large writing and privacy areas. 

Customize go!: Personalize your go! with a splash of color by selecting from an unlimited number of Glassboard surface colors and printed designs, ten steel frame finishes, and four caster shades. Ready, set, go! 

Select any of our standard colors, or create any custom color you want.

Office Furniture Heaven - Colors by Clarus


  • Non-staining writing surface compatible with any marker, even permanent.
  • Fully customizable with 13 steel frame finishes, infinite glass colors and four caster shades.
  • Gangs for large writing surfaces and privacy areas, nests for easy storage.
  • Colors by Clarus Coatings utilized for superior color and strength.
  • Custom logos, patterns and artwork available. Magnetic & non-magnetic finish.
  • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish.


  • Width: 40 inches
  • Height: 73 inches
  • Base: 21 inches
  • Trim: 0.125 x 1.25 inches


  • Multiple sided Glassboard with PPG Starphire Tempered Safety Writing Glass.