Healthboard features a clean, bacteria resistant communication solution for the healthcare industry. Nurses, Doctors and healthcare providers will enjoy writing important care information on Healthboard and patients will appreciate the clean, upscale look.

Each of our glass hospital whiteboards can be fully customized. Available in both Float and Depth, this communication board can be produced in standard sizes or any custom size up to 144″. Add any custom grid or print design to tailor your dry erase board as desired.

Healthboard is offered in two distinct options:

Transition: A proprietary removable graphic system for your Healthboard, designed to interchange graphics, charts and other dynamic information as needed.

ColorDrop Print Technology: Proprietary printing system designed for permanent graphics.

Office Furniture Heaven - Healthboard


  • Healthboard Transition comes with hidden channels and a replaceable, custom printed insert panel
  • Healthboard ColorDrop is produced with proprietary print technology for a permanent graphic finish
  • Healthcare grids, calendars and other custom artwork printing available
  • Color matching and custom colors available
  • Magnetic Healthboard available.  Weight is 4.2 lbs per square foot
  • Non-staining writing surface compatible with any marker, even permanent
  • Clarus Opti-Clear Polish
  • Eased corners for safety
  • Custom shapes
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Printing


  • Any size up to 72” x 144”


  • Utilizes only 1/4″ PPG Starphire Tempered Safety Writing Glass.