Wall Mobi - Office Furniture Heaven


MOBI gives users the freedom and flexibility to communicate, share and collaborate in any workspace. Roll MOBI around the office for note taking, brainstorming or even modular privacy screening.

Make Your Mark: MOBI, a lightweight mobile marker screen, offers the freedom and flexibility to communicate, share, or collaborate in your workspace.

Compact & Mobile: The compact design for easy mobility makes it easy to roll into a brainstorming session or position for privacy. The vertical orientation makes documenting your work easy on mobile devices for sharing or posting.

MOBI Modular: The low profile design makes MOBI the perfect choice for tight spaces, making it easy to move between workstations, doorways or hallways. Locking casters provide solid a footing for writing on carpet or hard surfaces.


  • Featuring a smooth dry erase writing surface
  • Customizable frame and bottom panel
  • Magnetic panel options
  • Caster base


  • Height: 77″ / 47″ writing surface
  • Width: 28″ / 24″ writing surface
  • Depth: screen 1.75″ / base 15″


  • Frame is made from 75% recycled content and is 100% recyclable