More Table

by Estel

More: a table that is transformed into a system, that adapts to transversal use, interfacing with any environment, from the dining room to the living room, to the bedroom, from the home desk to the office desk, from meeting rooms to the executive offices.

It's structure allows you to create extremely customized and flexible accessories.

The distinctive element is represented by the support structure, consisting of metal legs that are inserted into the horizontal profiles with a fluid and measured arch.

The tops are surrounded by a flush fit metal frame, available in different finishes, melamine, lacquered, back-painted glass, wood or leather; the same variety applies to the supporting structure, available in the many catalog finish options.

By changing it's dimension in width, length or height, by combining tops with the many available materials and finishes, MORE tables is the image of great personality and character, even in it's essential, iconic simplicity.

In the endless combination that it can assume MORE reveals the balance in a family of tables that can evolve into end tables or into tables for dining or conferences.

    Made in Italy