WAVEwall brings an arrangement of undulating panels which provide a visual barrier, yet also allow air & light to pass through openings.

The design functions as a filter between spaces. WAVE’s curved panel shape dampens sound and redirects ambient light to pass through the screens openings.
WAVE is available in three widths and a range of frame and panel colors to offer full customization for your space.

Visually Dynamic: The visually dynamic divider screen adds aesthetic and function to a variety of environments.

Modular Design: The lightweight modular design is available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ widths. The screen is flexible enough for use in office environments, waiting rooms or common areas. Multiple screens can connect with LINK.
Functional Spaces: The unique and visually stimulating design adds aesthetic and function to your space. The aluminum frame contains curved panels designed to reduce ambient light and sound.



  • WAVE features flowing curved panels for a unique design aesthetic
  • Customizable and removable panels
  • Sections are linkable


  • Standard 78″ height, custom height also available

Available in three widths:

  • 52″
  • 76″
  • 100″


  • Frame available in natural anodized silver finish, white, black or custom color
  • Frame is made from 75% recycled content and is 100% recyclable