X² Executive Task Chair


Meet the new standard in office seating. 10 ergonomic adjustments allow the X-Chair to fit your body like a glove. Fine-tune the arms, seat, back, headrest, and lumbar until you're relaxing in the most comfortable seat of your life. SciFloat Infinite Recline, DVL Support, Tilt Lock, and Flex Mesh technologies vault the X-Chair to the head of the pack, making it the most technologically ergonomic chair in the world. Also see  X¹ TASK CHAIRX3 MANAGEMENT CHAIR and X4 Leather Executive Chair.


  • Fabric Selection: Black, Red, Grey, or White
  • Choice of Headrest or Under Desk 3" Footrest
  • Choice of Standard Seat Width or 1" Extended Width Seat (Black Only)


  • SciFloat Infinite Recline: Our floating infinite recline technology helps your body stay in motion throughout the day, and can be adjusted to match your specific body weight so that movement is effortless. Experience improved circulation, concentration, and energy levels.

  • 4-Dimensional Armrests: No one keeps their arms in the same position all day. X-Chair is ready to move with you. Easily adjust the armrest height, depth, width, and angle as you move throughout the day.

  • Independently Adjustable Headrest: X-Chair's innovative headrest features adjustable height and angle. No matter what position you sit in, X-Chair's headrest can pivot to keep you comfortable.

  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar: X-Chair's DVL Support adjusts itself to your body every time you move. You'll stay comfortable all day without ever making an adjustment to your chair.

  • Adjustable Backrest Height: Adjust X-Chair's backrest height so that you're fully supported, from your lumbar curve to your neck. This ensures you get maximum support when you need it most.
  • Choice of Standard Seat Width or 1" Extended Width Seat (Black Only)


    Select Fabric Selection, Headrest/Seat Width Option
    price $ 939.99 USD