M2 Monitor Arm

The M2 redefines high-performance monitor arms. Instead of a bulky gas cylinder, M2 supports the monitor with an innovative mechanical spring to achieve exceptional performance and durability in a lightweight design. This is currently the slimmest profile available for a fully reticulating arm. M2's advanced design is matched by its practical application. The arm works with almost all monitors used today and can be mounted in a variety of ways. Optional stoppers protect nearby walls and cable hideaway is located within the arm. M2 is predominantly built with lightweight aluminum. Overall, 52% is recycled content and 99% is recyclable. The M2 can help building projects achieve valuable LEED credits. Also compatible with the M/Connect docking station.



  • Supports 95% of monitors in use today (up to 20 pounds)
  • Interchangeable mounting options attach to a variety of work surfaces
  • Integrated cable management hides cables within the arm
  • Removable 180° stop protects walls and panels
  • 20-inch reach
  • 15-year 24/7 warranty
  • Made predominantly of aluminum, followed by steel and plastic
  • Contains 52% recycled content (46% post-consumer, 6% pre-consumer), 99% recyclable
  • No gas cylinders, which are difficult to recycle
  • Lighter weight means less material to source, process, and ship
  • Durable design means long lifecycle and less waste
  • The M2 can help building projects achieve valuable LEED credits


  • Available in Silver with gray trim, Polished Aluminum with white trim, or Black with black trim
  • Available with a wide variety of mounting and VESA plate options

Arm reach: 20”
Height adjustment range: 10”
Weight: 5 pounds


Select Finish, Accent Option
price $ 260 USD