New workstations for new leaders

The way of working is quickly evolving and, with it, the leadership figure, as well as their work environment. Leaders who can be welcoming and, with little interest in being authoritarian, but instead aspiring to be authoritative. The propensity to share and engage, the need to motivate a team, and the importance of maintaining forthright and informal relationships all point to the new necessity of dynamism and ease in work environments like MOVE&LEAD

Working in the most comfortable way possible
Able to adapt to all needs, thanks to the height-adjustable table that allows you to work even when standing. Get up, move, reflect, and return to the workstation with new ideas; this is the spirit of MOVE&LEAD and all integrated furnishings, in order to create effective work environments.


An Integrated and Organic Environment
The MOVE&LEAD collection consists of a desk, available in fixed tabletop and height-adjustable versions, a chest of drawers, a cabinet, and a bookcase: a complete system of elements that combine to create an extremely functional executive workspace.


Wellbeing from Nature
Wood cladding that retains all the tactile characteristics of natural wood, shapes both geometric and sinuous, pleasing to the touch as well as the eyes. Designed by Gediminas Juška to offer elegance, comfort, and, above all, wellbeing to today’s new managers, who are often pressured by an intense and sometimes frenetic life.