C9 Rail

by Watson

We designed C9 for real people who work best at their desk. To imagine a new furniture system, Watson explored the open plan for insights. The result is a workstation that departs from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning — bending space, improving sightlines, and helping people to flow more organically.


The modular nature of C9 Rail lets you create a vibe that feels as familiar or as different as you like. Workstations can be mirrored, flipped, rotated, repeated, and easily rearranged, so nothing slows you down, even when changes come up.


  • Bendable rail segments create unique layouts
  • Intuitive starter/adder specification logic
  • Meets UL standard for 4 circuit power with either 4 or 8 power receptacles, plus 2 data per user
  • Starter segment can accept power infeed from either floor or ceiling


Designed by Ethan Pearl