C9 Storage

by Watson

Everyone needs a little personal space. Not to mention a place to store office supplies, files, and items like jackets and bags. The C9 Cart & Garage does just that with an intelligent design that provides the privacy you need to get things done. The C9 Trolley brings rich functionality to mobile storage. A steel work tray lifts up and out to reach the desk surface in one fluid motion. Consider it the ideal addition to your team.


The C9 Cart docks into its own self-contained garage creating a personal workspace that stays neatly organized no matter what the day brings. The C9 Trolley brings mobile storage out from under the desk and into the open plan.


  • Trolley may be used as collaborative seating with laptops for open-air meetings
  • C9 Cart features a soft fabric landing pad
  • Steel handles, cart frame, and Trolley offered in all Watson powdercoat colors


Designed by Ethan Pearl